Rosenberg Roof Fan Vertical

Rosenberg Roof Fan Vertical
Rosenberg Roof Fan Vertical Rosenberg Roof Fan Vertical Rosenberg Roof Fan Vertical
Brand: Rosenberg
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Features and Construction
The Rosenberg roof fans are used for ventilation of department stores, supermarkets, factories, swimming pools, kitchens, dining halls, warehouses, garages, farms and stables. The fans are suitable for mounting on a flat or any shaped roof. The fans can be operated up to 120°C (80°C if speed controlled) as the motor is out of the air stream.

Side panels for vertical discharge and motor hood made of sea water resistant aluminum. Baseframe with integrated inlet cone made of galvanized steel. The DVWNS types with integrated sound attenuation and the swing-out version HB are available on request.

The impellers with 8 backward curved blades are made of sheet aluminium (AlMg3) and are statically and dynamically balanced with the hub according to quality standard G6.3 to DIN1940.

Standard IEC three phase motors in size IMB5, protection class IP55, 1~230V/50Hz resp. 3~400V/50Hz, insulation class F. Standard fan´s motors are suitable for voltage control. Motors for frequency control are available as well as single and double speed motors.

Electrical connection
The wiring box of the motor is easily accessible. The motor has to be connected according to the wiring diagram and in accordance with valid regulations and local laws. In case of operation with frequency converter please check the operation

Air performance curves
The performance curves for these fan types have been measured in mounting position A (free inlet ; free outlet) and indicate the pressure increase pfa as a function of the air flow.

Noise levels
The bordered values printed in the performance curve diagrams show the „A“ weighted LWA8 sound power level (fan outlet). Determination of „A“ weighted LWA5 sound power level at fan inlet: LWA5 [dB(A)] = LWA8 [dB(A)] - 3 dB. The „A“ weighted sound pressure level LpA at a distance of 1 metre is calculated approximately by deducting 7 db(A) from the „A“ weighted sound power level. It is important to note that the reflection and room characteristic as well as natural frequencies influence the sound pressure levels a different way. The relative octave sound power level LWArel at octave medium frequency you can find on the table on each fan type page.

• vertical discharge
• backward curved impeller
• protection class IP55
• insulation class F
• motor protection by thermal contacts
• speed is variable using auto transformers

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