Rosenberg Duct Fan

Rosenberg Duct Fan
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Features and Construction
The Rosenberg duct fans provide a distinctive advantage of axial fans, i.e. straight airflow and easy installation, high pressure stability, low noise level and high efficiency of the centrifugal fan.

Casings are made of galvanized sheet steel, formed as a rectangular duct, for direct installation into air ducts. Mounting in any position possible. On inlet and outlet side are standard flanges. Equipped with complete swing-out motorized impellers for easy inspection cleaning and maintenance (KHAE/D/G). The sound attenuated duct fans (..WS) offer with a space saving and sound absorbing casing extremely low noise levels.

The forward curved impellers are made of galvanized sheet steel (EKAE/D) and the impellers with backward curved blades made of sheet aluminium (ALMg3) are mounted directly to the rotor of the external rotor motor and are balanced dynamically together with the rotor according to quality level G2.5 to DIN1940.

Electrical connection
The motors are fitted with an outgoing cable. The electrical connection can be made via an IP44 terminal box, which is supplied loose.

Direction of rotation
Direction of rotation is clockwise, viewed from the inlet side.

Air performance curves
The performance curves for these fan types have been measured in mounting position D (ducted on the pressure side and on the suction side) and show the total pressure increase pt as a function of the air flow. The dynamic pressure pd2 refers to the flange cross section at the outlet side of the fan.

Noise levels
The bordered values printed in the performance curve diagrams show the „A“ weighted LWA6 sound power level (fan outlet). Determination of „A“ weighted LWA5 sound power level at fan inlet: LWA5 [dB(A)] = LWA6 [dB(A)] - 6 dB. The „A“ weighted sound pressure level LpA at a distance of 1 metre is calculated approximately by deducting 7 db(A) from the „A“ weighted sound power level. It is important to note that the reflection and room characteristic as well as natural frequencies influence the sound pressure levels a different way. The relative octave sound power level LWArel at octave medium frequency you can find on the table on each fan type page.

  • integrated control system (EC controller)
  • completed system with minimal operating costs, based on use of EC technology
  • simple setting and adjustment of the complete system
  • speed is 100% infinitely variable
  • easy installation (DIN standard flange)
  • backward curved impeller
  • compact and space saving design

Energy saving rate according to AC type up to: 35%

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